Beers of Joy, a new feature-length documentary on beer is out now

Beers of Joy, a new feature-length documentary on beer is out now
1st March 2019 Fussy Beer

A new collaborative film is out aiming to tell “the extraordinary innovation and history of craft beer production”.

Beers of Joy follows four distinctly different characters, who are all united by their love of beer. This includes Tonya Cornett, award-winning brewmaster at Oregon’s 10 Barrel Brewing Co, as she travels across Germany and Italy to explore traditional brewing secrets.

Follow beer educator Ryan Daley and co-founder of Sugar Creek Brewing Co Joe Vogelbacher, as they attempt to pass the notoriously difficult Master Cicerone exam. Finally, Sean Z Paxton, is a self-taught chef and home brewer, who studies historic brewing techniques and food pairings before attempting to prepare a 16th-century feast.

Judging by the trailer, the film is a visually stunning production, that captures the passion behind brewing and drinking beer. The blurb describes it as a “fascinating, entertaining, and savory journey into our world’s favorite, magical elixir.”

You can find out for yourself, as it’s now available to stream worldwide on iTunes, with a limited release at selected cinemas in the United States to mark the documentary’s debut on 1 March.

“Beers of Joy” is being distributed worldwide by Gravitas Ventures. The film is backed by global beer giant Anheuser-Busch InBev (which could explain the luke-warm reception so far in the craft beer world) in partnership with lifestyle magazine Popular Mechanics, written and Directed by David Swift and Scott Owen of One-Eleven Entertainment.

Check back for a round-up of reviews of Beers of Joy. You can watch the trailer below, or order it to buy or rent now from iTunes.


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