50 fantastic craft beers to try during lockdown – and where to buy them

50 fantastic craft beers to try during lockdown – and where to buy them
27th April 2020 Fussy Beer
A selection of craft beer cans

This long list of exceptional beers should inspire your stay-at-home shopping list

The drinks industry has been hit hard by the global Covid-19 pandemic, with lockdown in many countries across Europe forcing pubs, bars and shops to shut their doors.

It has led many independent breweries, bars and bottle shops to do things a little differently, offering safe home deliveries or collection services.

In fact, online alcohol sales is one of the few retail areas that has seen a spike in the UK since lockdown kicked in.

So staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy great craft beer. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity for you to discover new beers from the comfort of your own home, while continuing to support independent breweries, bars and beer shops during these difficult times.

To help you do just that we’ve compiled a long list of 50 incredible craft beers for you to try, with details of where you can buy them and get them delivered safely right to your door. Of course, there are lots more than 50 beers out there worth parting with your money for, but hopefully this list will provide your some inspiration for what to order.

From hazy DIPAs to dark Trappist ales, lively lagers to punchy sours, we’ve tried to cover something to suit all tastebuds and make sure there’s something new for you to enjoy along the way.

Discover new beer styles, try out some established classics, or simply support your local brewery.

So stay at home, stay safe and try some amazing craft beer.

50 amazing craft beers to try at home (and where to buy them):

1. Wiper and True – Milkshake Milk Stout

Bristol, England

5.6% ABV

Hopefully this milkshake won’t bring all the boys to your yard. But for a socially distanced taste of luxury, it’s perfect. Chocolatey malts and vanilla combine to create this creamy, rich and intensely dark stout from Bristol brewery Wiper and True.

Order online from Kwoff (£3.99)

Wiper And True - Milkshake Milk Stout

2. Weird Beard Brew Co – Anti-Social Social Club DIPA

London, England

7.7% ABV

Perhaps the most appropriately named beer on this lockdown list. Blended yeast and a powerful combo of Mosaic, Ekuanot and Amarillo help this hazy, double dry hopped imperial strength IPA really pack a punch. If you’ve not dipped your toe into the world of hazy DIPAs yet, then this is the perfect place to start.

Buy direct from the Weird Beard Brew Co (£6.00)

Weird Beard - Anti-Social Social Club DDH Double IPA

3. Cloudwater – Please Be Lovely To Each Other DDH Pale

Manchester, England

5.5% ABV

Not just a great beer, but a great sentiment for everyone to keep in mind these days. It’s a collab with New York brewery Finback, designed time celebrate “community, creativity and independent values” – with 5% of profits going to charity. It’s a full-flavoured, herby, hoppy pale ale, double dry hoped with Strata.

Order direct from Cloudwater (£4.75)

4. And Union Sunday Pale Ale


5.5% ABV

Losing track of what day of the week it is? Aren’t we all. Every day can be easy like Sunday morning with this lightly spiced, unfiltered pale ale. Also pairs beautifully with takeaway curries, for the perfect night out at home.

Buy online from Waitrose (£2.19)

A can of And Union - Sunday Pale ale

5. Brew York – Katy Berry Blueberry Pastry Sour

York, England

4.5% ABV

This inventive offering from Brew York takes some pop star inspiration to deliver a sure fire hit. It’s a sweet and sour taste adventure, laced with the flavours of tart blueberries and decadent vanilla pastry.

Buy direct from Brew York (£5.10)

Cans of Brew York Katy Berry Blueberry Pastry Sour beer

6. Wylam Imperial Macchiato – Double Hazelnut Praline Coffee Porter

Newcastle, England

Even the name is a mouthful. This sumptuous offering from Geordie beer wizards Wylam, is like flopping back on your sofa and munching your way through an entire box of luxurious coffee chocolates.

Order online from Kwoff (£8.49)

Wylam Imperial Macchiato

7. Heaney – Digital Leash DDH IPA

Bellaghy, Northern Ireland

6% ABV

A hazy doubled dry-hopped IPA packed with Amarillo and Galaxy hops. It has a soft fruit aroma and notes of mango and passionfruit, with a pleasingly bitter finish. Digital Leash is aimed to inspire you to break free from your digital devices and take some time out. It’s also perfect paired with spicy pizza, so there’s your Friday takeaway night in sorted.

Available online from McSwiggans (£3.69)

8. Lervig Tasty Juice IPA


This big green hulk of a can contains half a litre of bold East Coast IPA flavours. Made in Noway, the fruitiness of the hops are balanced by the earthiness of the dank yeast.

Order online from Kwoff (£5.39)

9. COAST + Extinction Rebellion Pale Ale (Alcohol-free)

Edinburgh, Scotland

0.0% ABV

Cutting down the alcohol levels every now and then may not be a bad idea when stuck in isolation for weeks. Luckily, the exceptional offerings from ‘uncompromising’ alcohol-free brewery Coast mean you don’t need to cut down on flavour.

This timely collaboration to celebrate Earth Day 2020 donates all profits to climate change campaigners Extinction Rebellion.

New collaboration for Earth Day 2020. Brewed with Simcoe and Mosaic hops, this fruity, medium bodied pale ale is well balanced with bitterness and citrus notes. It’s vegan-friendly too.

Buy direct from the brewery (£21.99 for 12)

10. Yeastie Boys Gunnamatta Earl Grey IPA

New Zealand

6.5% ABV

Ease your worries with some soothing Earl Grey tea. It gives this punchy IPA from Yeastie Boys a boldy floral flavour, complementing the truckload of hops.

Buy online from Waitrose (£1.85)

11. Achouffe Brewery – Chouffe Cherry


8% ABV

You might not be jetting off to Belgium any time soon, but don’t let that stop you enjoying a taste of some of country’s finest exports. You’re spoilt for choice for beautiful Belgian beers to seek out. But for a bitter, fruity punch, try this well rounded, soft and slightly nutty cherry beer from the brewery with a funny name and gnome on the bottle.

Available for home delivery from Kwoff (£3.99)

12. CoolHead Brew – Deep Double Stoned Sour


6% ABV

This clash of exotic fruits and natural Nordic flavours is a refreshing sour beer, packed with flavours of peaches and apricots. It’s also creamy and full bodied, thanks to the addition of oats and milk sugars.

Order online from Beer52 (£5.29)

13. Cloudwater – A Gentle Nod to Welcome Visitors Modern Barley Wine

Manchester, England

9% ABV

What the hell is barley wine?’, you might be asking. Find out more here. Or better still, try some. Cloudwater’s introduction to the style is a smooth, citrusy, and full-bodied marmalade offering, with strong notes of pepper and dank hops.

Buy direct from the brewery (£7.25)

14. Donzoko – Big Foam Rustic Lager

Hartlepool, England

5% ABV

Open your tastebuds to truly exceptional lager. This ‘rustic lager’ is bubbly, bitter and bready, brewed with German Pilsner malt, spelt and hallertau blanc and astra hops. And it’s so foamy that it’s great fun to pour – ideal for some additional home entertainment. You can also share your foamy photos using #stayhomebigfoam for the chance to win prizes!

Buy online from Cloudwater (£4.20)

15. Track – What Kind of Voodoo is This? Imperial Gose

Manchester, England

10% ABV

There’s a lot going on here. So take a seat, grab and glass and slowly enjoy this deliciously sharp, creamy and super strong Gose. It’s bright red and packed with raspberry, coconut, lemon zest and lactose. Be warned though, this goes down very easily for an imperial strength beer.

Buy online from Cloudwater (£9)

16. Dry & Bitter – Juicy Gotcha Crazy DIPA


8% ABV

This colourful DIPA is a transatlantic collaboration between Denmark’s hop-loving Dry & Bitter, and New York’s Interboro. It takes inspiration from early 90s hip-hop, with fat flavours and a smooth, juicy underbelly.

Buy online from Rad Beer (£5.95)

17. Lindheim Ølkompani – The Apple People Friendship Series Saison


8% ABV

Not been able to jump on the homemade sourdough bandwagon during lockdown? Don’t worry, this counts. It’s a farmhouse saison made with sourdough culture from Michelin-starred restaurant Maaemo. It’s also fermented in barrels with bog-myrtle shrubs and apple juice, for a sharp, fruity and earthy flavour.

Buy online from Rad Beer (£10.95)

18. Brewdog – O-G Hazy New England IPA


7.2% ABV

Join the haze craze with this smooth and unfiltered, oaty offering. It’s dry hopped and fruity, with notes of lime, mango and pineapple. It’s Brewdog’s latest take on a New England IPA, packing a punch at 7.2%.

Buy online from Hop Shop Aberdeen, delivering nationwide (£3.69)

19. Brewdog vs Cloudwater – New England IPA


6.8% ABV

If you have to queue round the block to get into Tesco, then you might as well reward yourself. And this collaboration between heavyweights Brewdog and bold upstarts Cloudwater is one of the finest beers you’ll find on the supermarket shelves.

Dry and unapologetically hoppy, it explodes with hits of tropical fruits and New England inspired big flavours. But don’t worry, you can stay home and get it delivered too.

Order online from Tesco (£3)

20. Time & Tide Brewing – Depth Charge Stout


5.9% ABV

This warming, malty stout is the perfect beer for toasting home comforts. It’s well balanced but rich, with all the satisfying, smooth creaminess you would hope for from a classically styled stout.

Buy online from Hop Shop Aberdeen (£3.69)

21. Pressure Drop – Lorikeet NEIPA

London, England

6.8% ABV

Australian hops don’t get the same headline-grabbing attention as some of their brash American cousins. But here’s your chance to enjoy the interstellar antipodean flavours of the juicy Galaxy hop. Ripened in the Aussie sunshine, it’s pungent and tropical and is the driving force behind this double dry-hopped New England IPA.

Buy online from Beermoth(£6.15)

22. Amundsen – Dessert in a Can Chocolate Peanut Butter Caramel Brownie Imperial Stout


10.5% ABV

Save the home baking and indulge yourself with this pudding in a tin (we wanted to call it dessert in a can, but the brewery beat us to it). This is just one of a series of decadent dessert themed stouts from Norwegian brewers Amundsen. Thick, creamy, dark and satisfying, you’ll be amazed out how clearly the dessert flavours seep through. Pairs well with chocolate peanut butter caramel brownies.

Buy online from Rad Beer (£5.95)

23. Brasserie Rochefort – Rochefort 10 Belgian Quadrupel


11.3% ABV

We could all do with some divine intervention right now. And this heavenly Trappist beer is one of the big hitters from the renowned Rochefort brewery, based at Rochefort Abbey in Belgium. Thick, dark, complex and richly satisfying, it has notes of chocolate, liquorice and forest fruits. This is your chance to savour one of the most revered beers in the world.

Buy online from Beer Merchants(£5.15)

24. Brewdog – Lock Down Lager


4.7% ABV

A timely rebranding of BrewDog’s ‘ultimate shower beer’. It’s a German-style Pilsner lager, with a refreshing twist of guava and grapefruit.

Order direct from Brewdog (£5.50 for 4)

25. Wild Beer – Sleeping Lemons Export

Bristol, England

6% ABV

This pin-sharp Gose is brewed with preserved lemons for a real sour citrusy kick. Just what you need to wake you from your housebound slumber. This is their souped-up, stronger version of the already fabulous Sleeping Lemons. As the saying goes, when life throws you lemons, drink Gose.

Order direct from the brewery (from £3)

26. Burning Sky – Cider Apple Saison

This special edition saison comes in hefty 750ml bottles, perfect for those long spring evenings. It’s aged with carefully selected apples, for a farmhouse funky sourness with the acid bite of cider apples.

Buy online from Butlers Wine Cellar (£11.99)

27. Polly’s Brew Co – 58 BPM Double IPA

Mold. Wales

8% ABV

This modern style DIPA is brewed in North Wales, taking its name by the metronome rhythm the chief brewer uses to get himself to sleep. The beer, on the other hand, is a wake-up call for the tastebuds. It has an intense flavour created by the combination of Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic and Azacca hops. It’s dry and fresh, but with a pleasing stone fruit finish.

Order direct from Polly’s Brew Co (£4.75)

28. Thornbridge – Florence Session IPA

Derbyshire, England

4.5% ABV

Brewed in honour of NHS staff, this is the perfect way to raise a glass in honour of their efforts. The fruity and bitter session IPA is named after Florence Nightingale, with all profits going to the NHS Charities Together. So if you need a guilt-free way to try a new beer and feel good about it, then this is it.

Available exclusively from Thornbridge’s online shop from mid-May

29. Seven Brothers – Good Vibes

Manchester, England

4.1% ABV

Delivering some much needed Good Vibes, this smooth and bitter pale ale is dry hopped with a combo of Cascade and Azacca hops. It’s soft, mellow and with some pleasing citrus aromas. Even more pleasing is that 60p from each can sold will be donated to NHS Charities Together.

Buy direct from the brewery (£3.50)

30. London Beer Factory – National Heroes Lager

London, England

4% ABV

London Beer Factory is doing its bit for the NHS, with all revenue from National Heroes being donated to Guy’s Hospital Charity. It’s a specially brewed, gluten-free lager, taking inspiration from the finest German brewing traditions. Hallertau hops give it a crisp and refreshing finish.

Order direct from London Beer Factory (£3)

Yeah we know, that’s not 50, we’re just taking the recycling out… In the meantime, send your recommendations to @fussybeer on Twitter@fussybeer on Twitter

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